The Feral Cats of Kihei Rent A Car

When in Maui, we always rent our vehicle from Kihei Rent A Car. It's a small family-owned business which leases older vehicles at a very reasonable rate. Seriously, you can save big bucks by renting from them! They also provide a convenient airport shuttle back and forth from their Kihei location, which is great. But another thing which endears them to us is their love of and care for feral cats.

One cat has been sufficiently tamed to come inside and serve as an office manager --

But most of the cats live outdoors, hanging around under the vehicles . . .

. . . or lounging about on top of the vehicles . . .

. . . or just relaxing on the sidewalk. Tail injuries seem to be quite common among feral cats and you can see that the next two are both bob-tailed --

This one was quite young and was the most skittish of them all, although none of the cats would let you pet them. They are, after all, still essentially feral, even if well-fed by the Kihei Rent A Car people.

I took these photos while waiting for the airport shuttle. We counted about a dozen cats. At least, those were the ones we could see! I'm sure there were more elsewhere in the compound.

[All photos by Debra She Who Seeks]