Today, a story appeared on MSNBC. It was about Julia Gnuse (pictured). She is a long time friend and BEST client ever as I (Art and my brother Steve) did all her work. She is the Guiness Book of World Records' "Most Tattooed Woman". The article gives a brief but accurate story of how and why. DON'T BE SO QUICK TO JUDGE until you've read the story.


When we start the day, it could be with "traditional style" job like this one that Sasha did with super clean lines and super solid color.

Or maybe, a black and grey dragon like this one that Mark did. Notice the details... the shading, the unique style unique only to Mark Lankin!

Or it could be a JEEP like this one that Juan did... perfection. If I was gonna get a Jeep, this would be the one I would want...

Or maybe... just maybe you're a SPICE GIRLS FAN... you could get that too just ask Art (me) to do it..... Personally, I would get DEVO tattooed on me but Curt doesn't give a fuck, he can get whatever he likes!!!

Or maybe you're a Virgin Mary fan...

This is what WE do at the Funhouse.. a variety of tattoo styles and sizes, from realism to traditional, to black n grey... any theme any size. We're not gonna moralize and judge... we do what we do... the way we do it. While doin' it, we get hungry and if it's lunch time, how bout one of these?

Don't care if you like meat or not... we do. This is the TERNERA TORTA from "Las Tortas", up the street from the shop... such a quality sandwich. God... pickled jalapenos, pickled onions.. guacamole, beans, lamb meat... cabbage... all on a quality bun. It's not cheap but worth every penny.

Finish it off with a piece of chocolate cake from BEANS... just look at it... you can see the chocolatyness... even though the frosting is melting like a turd in the summer sun, i can assure you that it didn't taste AT ALL like a turd... such quality buttery chocolaty frosting.... and the density of the spongy cake made for a real filling and fulfilling lunch!!

So, that day, we all worked like dogs.. really! Long day, so guess what? are you hungry yet? ....
how bout now? It was time for round 2 at Memphis Blues Barbeque...


Ryan, Juan and Mark sharing the cooked carcasses of the pigs, birds and cows that donated their muscles and fats to feed us... and thanks to Memphis for gettin' the potatoes, beans, corn and coleslaw for our meal, before the hippies and vegetarians got to it... man, they always try to HOARD and keep this stuff for themselves.



Some peope don't get it. They would look at tattoos like this and go "why would someone put that message on their skin?... forever!" The simple answer is cuz they don't give a f*ck what YOU think! Instead of looking at the finished product and admiring the stunning, decorative and perfect lettering done by Juan, and how aesthetically perfectly it fits on Mark's back, people always have something negative to say.

Just look at the perfection. The cleanest lines around, the smooth transition from dark to light on the shading. and look how perfectly it fits...

Check this! Probably one of the largest TASMANIAN DEVILS ever done!!! Fester knocked it out quickly and executed it in awesome style, as usual. He does some clean work... Most people get these Tasmanian Devils smaller but this guy knew what he wanted and how he wanted it. He had a story to accompany it as well.

Some tattooers would say, "I'll never do a Tasmanian Devil.." We ask "Why not?" they would in turn give you some recycled answer they have heard some place before, from another un original artist... trying to act as if it's below them to tattoo this image. When in reality, who gives a fuck? It's a customer service job and they act like they're doing the client a favor!! Egos and attitudes have no place in this trade.

One day these guys are serving burgers and the next they're tattoo artists... it's an immediate image upgrade from ordinary to rock star status! Silly... don't stand for it! If you go into a shop and get treated like a turd, leave and come here!!