I have been all over the world in the last several years with my brother Steve... America, Canada, Australia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Urugay, Mexico... and we are going to South Africa in a few days!!! WHY? to do tattoo machine seminars.

If it wasn't for Sammy Ramirez, we could confidently say that our successful book "Tattoo Machines & their Secrets" may have never come out... and if it wasn't for Sammy, we may not be doing tattoo machine seminars all over the world!

At one of the Guadalajara conventions (which Sammy is responsible for putting on) he asked us to do a machine class. We did.. it was successful. We didn't consider it until he asked us to. We owe Sammy thanks over and over.

Sammy (R) with Indio, another tattooist friend of ours.

Modern, tattooing in Mexico has a colorful history. There are several major players who are considered early pioneers of electric tattooing. Sammy Ramirez being one of them. It would be very difficult to find any other Mexican tattoo artist who has contributed so much to the advancement of the art on a large scale. His yearly convention in Guadalajara is proof of that!! That's why we attend every year. He provides seminars for every aspect of tattooing, taught by the best in the field, from pathogens classes, to piercing and modifications, to advanced tattooing techniques and our tattoo machines course. He also show cases tons of entertainment for the public, from punk bands to freak shows right down to mariachis and Mexican folk dancers...

He has been putting this convention on for over 15 years! There are several attendees of legendary status who attend every year. El Guello.. before Sammy there was Guello. An artist from Guadalajara recognized as a pioneer, if not THE pioneer of electric tattooing. El Tigre, Chino, El Chacal, Pirana are all names of other early artists... right down to the unreal work of Paco Arias, Pedro Alvarez, Pablo Xno, David "Scrappy Uno" Garcia, Goethe, Pablo Ash... our very own Juan "Super" Arreguin and Armando "Fester" Castruita!! There are way more artists to mention.

So, thanks again to Sammy Ramirez... if it wasn't for that convention more than 9 years ago, we may not have been traveling, teaching and bettering the industry in our own way.

Our shop only has the best of the best. An international cast of greatness... More to come.

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