Triple Sorry

In late 2010, Johnson & Johnson abruptly discontinued production of its popular o.b. Ultra tampons. The company was elusive about why the product was no longer available. Women were outraged and started a company-wide "girlcott." In late 2011, the company announced that o.b. Ultras would again be available for sale and admitted that it had underestimated women's brand loyality to this product.

Johnson & Johnson then contritely posted an online personal apology video called Triple Sorry. It's a deliberately cheesy, tongue-in-cheek power ballad sung by a romantic hunk using every cliché in the book. It will make you pee your pants laughing!

The video really showcases the latest, positively magical computer technology. When you go to the site, simply type in your first name and YOU become the STAR of the apology video in both the song and its visuals!

Check it out, if you haven't seen it already. Click here! (There's a small delay before the video begins so that the technology can craft the video just for you, so be patient!)

P.S. According to the Globe and Mail, the video was created by the Toronto-based advertising agency Lowe Roche, so yay Canadian humour, creativity and ingenuity!