St. John's Keokea Labyrinth, Part 2

St. John's Keokea church was built in 1907 to serve the Chinese farming community of Kula, Maui. The inscription over the front door says "St. John Prayer House" in Chinese.

There's some beautiful stained glass windows inside the small church.

A stylized rainbow is featured in this window. One of Hawaii's unofficial state symbols is the rainbow. It currently appears on all their licence plates.

The front doors have a beautiful geometric design cut into them. Here it is from the inside of the church . . .

. . . and from the outside. Isn't it lovely?

Kula is located "upcountry" near the cattle-and-cowboy towns of Makawao and Olinda. Wouldn't this local art on the side of the church hall be right at home in Alberta's ranch lands near Calgary? Yee haw.