St. John's Keokea Labyrinth, Part 1

Maui's first labyrinth was installed in 1997 at St. John's Keokea Episcopal Church which is located halfway up the side of Haleakala volcano.

No need to wander around the grounds looking for this labyrinth -- it's painted right on the parking lot! It's the first time we ever drove a labyrinth, LOL!

The labyrinth has kind of a crazy tilt to it because the parking lot slopes downward for drainage purposes. Sometimes I felt a bit tipsy walking part of the perimeter. Whoa!

It was a cool, overcast day when we visited. The air was full of birdsong as we walked the ancient Chartres path, enjoying the lush greenery of rural Maui all around us.

A small donation box is located beside the labyrinth, protected from the elements by a cute shrine-like structure painted in the same colour scheme as the church.

Tomorrow: a tour of the church.

[All photos by Debra She Who Seeks]