Rural Prairie Pride

I've often mentioned on this blog that I grew up in a little one-horse prairie town in Manitoba. When I was a kid, our "bright lights, big city" was the small nearby city of Brandon. It was (and still is) a very conservative place focused on traditional rural values like farming and family. Not known to be particularly gay friendly. So imagine my surprise when I recently read in the Winnipeg Free Press online edition that . . .  could it be? . . . GLBTQ Pride has come to Brandon!

The Brandon Summer Fair is held every June and a parade has long been part of its festivities. Starting in 2011, a few out members of Brandon's Pride Committee now march as participants in the summer fair parade. As one Pride marcher stated, "It's largely farm equipment and horses and us." But the Pride marchers have been well received so far, getting "a few discreet thumbs-up from parade-watchers and even big hoots of support from a group of seniors."

I never thought I'd see the day. Way to go, Brandon!