The True Nature of Gaydar, Part 1

Is gaydar an inborn sixth sense or is it simply a learned skill? I've experienced it both ways in my life.

Long before I was consciously aware of being a lesbian, I unconsciously attracted several close friends who also proved to be latent gays and lesbians. Without being at all aware of our shared true natures, we were instinctively drawn to each other as friends. Our gaydar was like an inherent homing device, ferreting out others of our tribe before we even knew that we had a tribe! And ultimately, we all came out of the closet more or less at the same time.

Once I knew myself to be a lesbian, however, this instinctive gaydar faded and today only shows itself as an occasional intuitive feeling. After I was out, gaydar changed to being a practical and precise learned skill that I had to acquire to function in my new world.

More on that tomorrow!