A Good Book on an Important Topic

I've just finished reading the recently published book Like Any Normal Day: A Story of Devotion by Mark Kram, Jr. It's the true story of Buddy Miley and his family. In 1973, Buddy was the star quarterback of his high school football team. A tragic accident during a football game rendered him quadriplegic. This book explores the lifetime consequences of that accident for Buddy, his mother Rosemarie, his girlfriend Karen and his faithful younger brother Jimmy.

The book is also a thoughtful exploration of physician-assisted suicide. After 24 years of chronic pain, depression and dependency, Buddy chose to end his life in 1997 with the assistance of Dr. Jack Kevorkian. No matter where you stand regarding this controversial area, this book will help you see the human dimensions of the issue.

This is a beautifully written book that is a pleasure to read. It's very easy to get involved with Buddy and his family's lives. Clearly, the author conducted exhaustive interviews with all the main people involved. Mark Kram, Jr. is an award-winning sportswriter and journalist with The Philadelphia Daily News. His wife Anne blogs over at The Gods Are Bored and that's where I learned of this book's publication. If you'd like to read it too, it's available at Amazon.