Another Japanese Treat: Momiji Cookies

Momiji means "maple leaf" in Japanese. Momiji cookies are a local delicacy in southern Japan around Hiroshima. They are a soft cookie with a choice of three fillings: Nutella-like chocolate, Boston creme or red bean paste. They are absolutely delicious when warm and freshly made but quickly lose their charm once cold. We bought warm chocolate and creme ones to try:

What a treat! And of course, as Canadians, we felt a special affinity to their maple leaf shape.

The shop where we got them opened onto a beautiful tiny Japanese garden that boasted a shrine, a concrete lantern, bonsai trees and a koi pond. So we sat and contemplated this peaceful scene while we ate our momiji cookies.

The next morning, our hotel breakfast buffet served some cold momiji cookies with red bean paste centres. Red bean paste is the traditional Japanese idea of a sweet filling. It's certainly not sweet to our North American palate. Or particularly tasty. We each tried a bite of the cookie but left the rest of it.

[Photos by Debra She Who Seeks]