Eating in Japan

Because we were on a bus tour with over 60 people, we ate at a LOT of buffets -- it's the most efficient way to get large groups fed and watered quickly. The buffets usually featured both Japanese and Western food. The food was okay although it often suffered from being lukewarm/cold, which is a common problem with buffets. But we also had some set meals prepared for us at various restaurants and banquet facilities and those meals were usually much better.

The meals frequently featured fish, seafood, sushi, sashimi, etc. which everyone enjoyed a lot. I'm not a fish or seafood fancier so I often ate with the vegetarians, vegans and allergic people. We had some interesting tofu dishes, like tofu squares topped with a sweetish miso paste that I liked very much.

My Rare One and I eat at a lot of Japanese restaurants here at home, so we were pretty familiar with most of what we were served in Japan. But even so, there were a few new things to try -- usually involving strange vegetables, seaweed and odd flavours.

Stay tuned for a few posts about some of the best things that we ate in Japan.