Being an Artist's Muse

Twice this year, I have been deeply honoured to be an artist's muse to someone in the Blogosphere!

First, I was immortalized in ink by Francie of A North End Journal. She draws very clever cartoon strips featuring two stick-figure gals named Butterbrains and Smarty Pants. And here I am, making a guest appearance!

Didn't Francie do a marvelous job of capturing my likeness? You can see the full cartoon here.

My second experience as an artist's muse resulted in a work of art that is . . . well . . .  for adult eyes only! Barfly of SSS Porch Party decided to start a new Boob Calendar blog called Barfly F'art and recently portrayed me as the boob connoisseur that I am. Who knew that Barfly possessed such exquisite artistic talent?

Of course, Her Royal Highness is terribly jealous of me getting all this attention instead of her. She's quite shameless about wanting to break into the artist's muse biz herself.