Good Summer Reading!

Those of you who know Magaly Guerrero from her blog Pagan Culture know already that she is a talented writer of magical realism and dark fiction. She has just released her first e-publication, a short story called AlmaMia Cienfuegos which is a tremendous read!

It's the story of a nine-year-old tomboy with a rock in one hand and a mango in the other, always getting into scrapes and trouble. Her witchy grandmother Mamabuela protects her as best she can, but AlmaMia suffers from a troubled and dysfunctional family life. Her mother Vanesa and her big sister Soledad always seem to have it in for her for some mysterious reason. And why is everyone so focused on AlmaMia's silver charm bracelet?

Magaly is working on further stories about AlmaMia and a full-length novel about her too. She has created a wonderful, delightfully real character in AlmaMia and her story gripped me from beginning to end. I look forward to reading more of AlmaMia's spooky adventures!

And best of all, AlmaMia Cienfuegos is available for only 99 cents on Amazon.com (click on the link to go right to it)! If you don't have a Kindle, there's a free downloadable Kindle app at the same link. To borrow a phrase from Magaly: "Enjoy, my wicked darlings!"

[Images used with permission of Magaly Guerrero.]