Dove Tattoo Meaning

There are many different bird tattoos out there.

Throughout history birds are often regarded highly and hold symbolic significance.

Thus bird tattoos are a very popular option for many people.

Of all the bird tattoo designs that are out there the dove tattoos is probably one of the strongest symbolically and the most meaningful.

It also makes for a very beautiful tattoo design.

Dove Tattoos Meaning

The meaning of any tattoo is somewhat up to the person who got the tattoo and what they were thinking about when they got the ink done.

For a Christian for example the dove is a symbol of Christ and Christianity in general.

However, doves have also been used in other religions and even the occult to symbolize the release of the spirit from the body.

In more contemporary culture doves are a symbol for love, peace and purity.

One significant fact about doves is they mate for life.

So dove can also be used to symbolize an everlasting love and have been used at times in memorial tattoo designs.

The symbolism and meaning of a dove is really dependent on the person and the culture.

There are popular symbolisms within the world of tattoo designs but other cultures ascribe different meanings and symbols to the dove.

However the dove is universally regarded as the symbol for peace.